Board of Directors

A.Gordon Tunstall

Tunstall Consulting

Gordon Tunstall has served as a director of Kforce since October 1995. He is the founder, and for more than 30 years has served as President of Tunstall Consulting, Inc., a provider of strategic consulting and financial planning services. Mr. Tunstall has also served as a director of CareKinesis, Inc., a privately-held medication management and distribution pharmacy, since March 2012. Mr. Tunstall previously served as a director for JLM Industries, Inc., Orthodontics Center of America, Inc., Discount Auto Parts, Inc., Advanced Lighting Technologies Inc., Health Insurance Innovations, Horizon Medical Products Inc., and L.A.T. Sportswear. Mr. Tunstall provides a unique point of view regarding strategy, given his background as a successful strategic consultant for over 30 years advising a large number of companies in a variety of industries.